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And she’s back at it

OK, CIA! Get on this! Which rink? Where?!

Arctic Edge

Yeah, I was wondering if it was today, too.  I tried to look at those decorations behind them but just couldn’t figure out what they were (thought maybe it would be seasonal).

I don’t think there’s any way to tell if this was taken today, just that it was posted today. I hope no one hounds that little girl with questions, though.

 If people hound this little girl with questions they have serious problems. This girl has no reason to lie so I’m guessing it’s from today. 

They already are. ..

Well, hounding a child is a good way to make friends! Way to be an ass! There is no hope for some, it is just over, turn in your humanity card kids”

If the pic is from today when did she have time to return from NY and practice as well?

People need to stop harassing these girls.u ain’t getting any info and u are no oracles to guess . It’s not like knowing some hypothetical info means what we know is the truth!!!!

I can’t with desperate people










Uh oh Lizzie is none to pleased, ABC 🚘🚗

I’m wondering if MnM will do some public appearances to promote this special.

Lizzie would know if ABC cancelled the whole project or sth.. right?

Oh I really hope they didn’t cancel or postpone it! 😞

I read on DWTS message board last night that she had read on another message board (I can’t find it) the following info: it’s a Disson show, with some reality, “it’s a hot mess”. I’m not trying to cause any negativity. Anyone else herd about this? Maybe MnM are together to work all of this out, and have some personal time. Love MnM! Can anyone help with this info? Please!

You can probably find more info on google but there are 4 (now 5) DIsson shows with different themes. They happen around November/December and are aired from January-Marchish. In December there is a Gymnastics/Skating spectacular that Meryl and Charlie are attending. There is a family one they aren’t attending and the rest haven’t announced the cast. This past week it was announced a 5th show was added and it’s rumored to be a ballroom/ice one. I’ve heard sometimes the shows can be pretty cheesy, but I’ve also heard this is the first year it’s on ABC network. So that has the possibility and probability of making it much better. Either way it’s a positive: we get to see M&M dance again AND it means they get to spend time together :)

I really don’t think it’s the disson thing.. Especially if it’s through ABC.. At least I hope it won’t be the disson thing.. We will see

The Disson skating shows are with ABC now. New contract. Meryl and Charlie have signed to appear in four.

I’m not American so can someone please explain why people cringe w these disson shows? What are they exactly? 1 hour episodes w skating? Totally clueless here

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