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dallasspoons asked:

They're saying that Norman didn't say this part of the statement, "also expect to see Daryl fight and try to find Beth," that the author exaggerated what Daryl will do. Looking at filming spoilers, we know Daryl makes it to Atlanta and we can see in the trailer that he will fight zombies and probably people, the cops being hostages of the group, all to find Beth. Yeah, NR didn't say Daryl will fight to find Beth, but he is going to.





Also we don’t know what NR said exactly, he could have said anything or mentioned Beth. But it’s terribly obvious.

It’s very obvious actually

Obviously the author of the article didn’t pull the whole thing out of his ass. Most likely he talked w Norman about Daryl looking for Beth and then Norman added that his character goes through a lot to find her. Hence the quoted part too. Haters will grasp at anything to discredit Bethyl.

I’m just glad the haters are in the minority

They know that hence their trolling and pathetic attempts to diminish the importance of Beth and Daryl

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